Who is Magnafoto?
Benjamin Pena | CEO

Benjamin Pena is the CEO of Magnafoto and is inspired to deliver an outstanding cinematic & photographic experience.

When Benjamin acquired Magnafoto in the fall of 2014,  he made a commitment and applied his leadership abilities to provide incomparable digital media services. Benjamin has adopted the philosophy that “Magnafoto is built on trust, stabilized by integrity, and inspired by you”. Because he deeply believes that the core of every business is dependent on the relationship of their clients.

To support this philosophy, Benjamin introduced a mission statement which reads:

“Our mission is to deliver exceptional cinema & photography services followed by quality products. Behind the MAGNAFOTO brand exists a team that is fully trained and dedicated to deliver one of the most enjoyable photography experiences ever”.

Our positive client feedback demonstrates that we are here to fully serve you! We proudly welcome you to Magnafoto.

Cinema, Photography, & Photo Booth

With Magnafoto’s professional Cinema, Photography, and customized magnet photo keepsakes you can experience the joy of having lasting memories of your special event for you and your guests.

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The success of our company rises from within each of our talented staff members.

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