-The Right Preparation For Better Results At The Workplace

Did you know that Stephen King has a particular routine that helps him get his mind prepared before he works? Did you know that Winston Churchill would often pet black cats for good luck? Or that Michael Jordan believed that wearing his Tar Heel shorts underneath his Bulls shorts during every NBA game would bring him great results? The fact of a matter is that certain people deeply believe that carrying out certain routines or rituals before an event could help them achieve great outcomes in their field of expertise.

Think about how your body reacts when you start feeling nervous, stressed, anxious, timid, or helpless in certain situations. Do you start performing certain uncontrollable actions such as rocking side to side, biting your nails, talking to yourself, swinging your arms, or tapping the ground with your feet? Some people know themselves well enough to realize how to gain back control in those situations. Some great examples of this are: taking deep breaths, going for a walk, singing a hymn, reflecting on personal thoughts, eating a favorite meal, reading, praying, and many other routines.

In this article, I will be sharing with you what I do to prepare myself for photographing a wedding. My preparations are very important because they help generate my creativity. My creativity does not come by watching other photographers or emulating popular photos. The source of my creativity is the music I listen to–which constantly motivates me before I perform a wedding. I always listen to certain songs that inspire my soul and give me the ability to vibe with the occasion. I call it my Wedlist.

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