-Applying Unconventional Values To Build A Successful Client Base

There’s an old popular quote that goes like this “Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money!” Yes money! It’s how we pay our bills, purchase our necessities, and what we use to splurge on ourselves. But (with a huge capital B) it should NEVER be the main focus for your business! I’m not saying that it’s NOT important because obviously it is. Without money it would be extremely difficult to operate on a daily basis.

So then what am I trying to say? It’s easy. I have learned that ONE of the important keys of operating and maintaining a successful business is your C-L-I-E-N-T-S. Let me go into depth. When clients are happy, your business is happy. They work hand in hand like a real marriage. It is naturally, universally, hypothetically, (and every other words that ends with L-Y) impossible to have a successful business and an unhappy client base.

It’s a trickledown effect and it starts with your clients and ends at your business with many other elements in between. At Magnafoto we make it a priority (it may sound cliché but) to go “above and beyond” for our clients to the point where we actually consider them our extended family! Here are a few tips and values that Magnafoto uses:

-Your main and sincere focus should always be to concentrate on providing outstanding customer service and nothing less.
-Develop a habit of placing your customers interest before yours.
-Offer suggestions or ideas that could help them achieve their vision.
-Every once in a while throw in a freebie with your services.
-Never reject an idea, instead try to build on it or around it.
-If they are seeking minimum, provide them with maximum.
-Most of us love surprises, why not surprise your clients with a little extra.
-(Very Important) Always pursue and maintain a positive energy in the business relationship.

I’m going to share a text message that I recently received from one of my clients. This message demonstrates the result of applying these unconventional values:
(click on image)

And there’s the equation, happy customers = a happy business.


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