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So the love of your life just lured you in with a beautiful ring and popped the question! And OF COURSE this has been the moment you’ve been waiting for what seems like, all of eternity, so you said yes…. but now what? You have a million thoughts running through your head as to where to start or even WHEN to start! Well for starters, this is the part when you open up that fresh thick binder and start taking notes.

As a wedding vendor, I will share with you my personal opinion of things I have learned from other professionals that could help you strategically tackle your wedding with minor cuts and bruises! So let’s get started with the myths that you may encounter…




Strategic planning is key for a successful and stress free wedding


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7. Wedding traditions

I understand the importance of traditions, but at the same time don’t be afraid to spread your wings and experiment with something new. If you have the option to choose your favorite date, decor, venue, and hubby, then why not  have the option of creating a tradition? After all, YOUR wedding day should be a reflection of YOUR personality. You are not obligated to follow traditions that are meaningless to you. Live a little, and explore!




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6. “I’m late to my wedding, OMG my day is ruined!”

Great news! I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT. I have performed at hundreds of weddings and events and honestly roughly about 75% of events starts late. But no worries, it’s not the end of the world. Here are some tips that could help…


-Be considerate and have respect to all of those who have prepared and attended your wedding

-Make it the #1 priority for your wedding planner to ensure everything is running in a timely fashion and proceeding accordingly.

-It’s best to overestimate time with your schedule! This way, you’ve created extra time to deal with last minute issues.

-Time lost at the beginning can be made up by taking away from the end of the event. Nothing is usually happening at the end of the reception.

Visit ” Your Events ” to consult with a professional wedding planner




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5. Hiring a company just because the price was “cheap”…

Please don’t do this to yourself, you deserve better! With a proper budget and serious shopping, you can pull off the perfect wedding you’ve always dreamed of. It takes patience to find exactly what you’re looking for, and in the end, It’s not any different from shopping for clothes in a store…well maybe several stores! You find something that catches your eye and then you evaluate it. This allows you to determine the quality, and ask yourself… does it fit? what’s the price? Is it worth the price that it’s marked as? If you don’t like, on to the next! It’s that simple! Carefully evaluating each vendor could be the difference from your expectation and the outcome.




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4. ” Really? I have to use the vendor that my venue requires?”

Not really. There are many venues that will allow you to do anything as long as you don’t burn down the roof. Sometimes you may want the simplicity of having everything done in-house, but sometimes those in-house suppliers aren’t the best. Don’t allow that particular feeling where someone is tightly holding your hands behind your back, and you have no say in the matter. Break free and go find that venue that will allow flexibility.  For example, check out St. Cloud Marina’s Banquet Hall, plenty of flexibility, beautiful sightings, and great prices. Check out St. Cloud Marina’s Banquet Hall, plenty of flexibility, beautiful sightings, and great prices.




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3. Allowing friends to do the professional work

This sometimes becomes fingernails scraping across a chalkboard to my ear. I know it may seem like a really nice and sweet idea to help you save money, but I’m here to tell you that sometimes hiring a friend becomes the biggest hair puller. I understand they can bake a yummy cake, share interest in the same music, have their social media pages loaded with wonderful and amazing pictures, upload awesome videos with their iPhone, and  can coordinate a wonderful get-together BUT save yourself from drowning by simply hiring professionals that do this for a living. They already posses the equipment, experience, and the understanding of how meaningful this is to you.




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2. ” Hey Mr. DJ can you play my song?”

Of course he can, it’s YOUR day! I have come across some DJ’s that turn your party into their party. They are suppose to be there to supply your favorite sounds. Don’t ever think a DJ’s job is to play popular songs or their personal favorites. Make sure they understand what type of music YOU love, what type of vibe you’re seeking, what cheesy songs to avoid, or any other special request. Contact Blast Productions if you are seeking help organizing your favorite tunes by clicking here. Contact Blast Productions if you are seeking help organizing your favorite tunes by clicking here.




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1. “It’s my wedding day, it’s all about me!”

This to me is one of the saddest elements of some weddings because the groom becomes the forgotten one. I understand you want EVERYTHING to be perfect but it should never allow your love one to feel left out. I also understand that most men don’t make it a high priority to attend wedding expos, tasting that perfect cake, shopping for dresses, or even help picking out center pieces.

But I’m here to tell you that normally this happens because of the reputation that has been built into the wedding planning process. If you begin the planning process with the mentality that he won’t care, then guess what? You have already set the tone and he will naturally follow it. Finding a way to getting him involve in the process will only make the entire experience more memorable.

Remember, this union is about you AND him. This occasion is all about the two of you. When it’s all said and done, you will look back and remember the combined effort that was made to make your dream wedding a reality. The both of you are a team and working together will be an essential tool that will assist your relationship for the greater good, a happy marriage.


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